About Me

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Who I am and, what I currently do.
I currently work in the custom merchandise industry. cranking out designs for many well-known companies around the country and even the world. Everyday is something new that always keeps me on my feet.

Asset 5Work and passions.
I am most passionate about problem solving and world building. The task of looking into the history of how things work and finding connections in everyday things excites me. A story gives objects a value people connect with. As a designer it’s our duty to seek those connections out to bring greater value to whatever project we take part in.

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Hobbies/ Interest / Future goals?
Keeping up to date and looking at emerging technology. In my free time when I’m not doing graphic design I’m pushing my education in the 3D realm. I see VR and AR really changing how Graphic Designers tackle problem solving. That’s something I would love to be a part of one day.

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Dream Job?
I would want to work at a company with a culture I could agree with. A team I could grow with in a location with a view! Perhaps doing VR/AR , or work in the gaming/software industry. A Job with projects that vary each time. Perhaps building the new education tools of the future. Something that really contributes to the user experience.

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What am I Looking to do right now?
I’m always open to discuss new career opportunities and collaborations. Shoot me an Email at DesignFXGio@Gmail.com