Realistic Enamel Pin Renderer

Over the past 4 Years I created roughly 10,000 Enamel Pin and coin designs. During this time I had to use rather basic Photoshop effects to render out the beveled metal look in pins. A Process that was left to us by the founders of the company. During my time there I gained skills in 3D by taking courses and boot-camps in my free time. Since day one I knew there had to be a cost effective and efficient way to use 3D tech to gain the results needed.

While working on a system to help me create better looking UI elements, like buttons, badges and emblems I stumbled onto the solution. So I developed this pipeline in the late hours of night whenever I had free-time after work. Taking advantage of real time graphics used in the gaming industry and reverse engineering a bit of 3d texturing programs here we are.

All it takes is a simple copy and paste from Adobe AI right into PS. Assign the parts of the Artwork to the correct layers.
The variations are ENDLESS. Low lighting, bright lighting. HDRI Images, Post processing effects, Depth of field, and more! This is all before heading to Photoshop!
Many types of Enamel Pins. Handled with ease and easily changed to suite the needs of the studio. Even on the Fly.